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the case against statins


I view them as a complement to the choices I’ve made to improve my health, extend my life and look better in swim trunks. The fact that my mother has uncles and aunts in their 90s and 100s, on both sides, who are active and mentally sharp, and she was losing her memory and was so unfit, in her 50s, really threw us for a loop. Per Dr. Attia of http://www.eatingacademy.com (highly recommended), LDLs are the primary culprit in plaque formation and subsequent arterial disease. Seeing as how pharmaceutical companies have both the opportunity and motive to omit or downplay unfavorable results, I’m not confident we’re getting the whole story on statin side effects. And it has a ton of references to scientific studies. I’m largely on it for the “look good naked” piece and I’m making progress toward that goal. Statin prescribing is increasing by 30% each year and soon everyone over 50 will be told they need them. Because CoQ10 production is downstream from HMG-CoA reductase, statins interfere. My goodness this forum produces some very good knowledge and advise but raises a little problem for me. Several times people have posted here asking for recommendations on docs in their area; if all else fails, you could try that. This in turn led to the nerves rubbing raw on bone. I guess we’ll see what the future holds, I hope I’m making the right decisions. To our embarassment, we (her family) just thought she was a complainer and thus dismissed her complaints until we noticed that her memory was starting to get affected, which correlated with her total cholesterol being the lowest it ever was, thanks to statins. When you consider that nearly everyone 60 and older has sarcopenia — the gradual, natural loss of muscle mass and strength that comes with aging — it's wise to question the use of any drug that could accelerate the effect. Other potentially telltale side effects of statins, particularly in older patients, include muscle and joint pain; stomach pain (which I tend to believe results from the degradation of muscles in the stomach and diaphragm); trouble swallowing (also a muscle problem); balance problems; and elevated liver enzymes. It is analogous to blaming the fireman for the fire. So there won’t bei any helpful support from that side. After a few more weeks we decided to do an MRI to see if there was any damage. I will try the documentation approach and see what he says. I of course stopped the Crestor and my body eventually healed itself. I tell patients with a cholesterol level of … Statins work too well. My doctor wonders why I refuse statins for my 210 total cholestrol levels (very low triglycerides and high HDL)! Having a family changes the game for most of us. Thanks, Karl — I will look into both the resources you list, as well as check to see if my clinic just might do the Apo-B test. Don’t stop advocating for yourself. Thanks for your enlightening comment. Next time I saw him, I was 18lbs thinner, my high blood pressure was gone ( no drugs) and my blood work was a lot better. Or maybe you realize that statins weren’t the problem after all. Does the insurance company have the right to dictate how we manage our health? Live low tech instead. I tried 3 different statins. Uncontrolled stress is also up there with sugar and unhealthy oils. it is devastating to me. When you add statins to an aerobic exercise routine, the normal improvements in cardiovascular fitness and mitochondrial function are attenuated (PDF). Your doctor believes the statin will help stave off another cardiac event. I’m going to forward this to my GP who has suggested a statin for the past six years of annual check ups. Maybe the “Black Swan” isn`t actually black? Thank you for relaying your mothers experience, Im going to point it out to my mother and maybe she will stop being stubborn and look into alternatives. I tell my patients to eliminate highly processed food. There are a lot of moving parts in the meat sack your consciousness calls home. I no longer eat wheat, my weight has dropped 50 lbs and my cholesterol especially the tri numbers are superb. Eventually, I had surgery to remove the hemorrhoids, and they have not returned. https://www.thennt.com/nnt/statins-for-heart-disease-prevention-with-known-heart-disease/, Here’s the money quote (for me) from that link: “Virtually all of the major statin studies were paid for and conducted by their respective pharmaceutical company. Here’s a little bit of background on my case: – Grandfather died of a heart attack at age 59 Just wanted to give you a little encouragement after so much warning following your initial comment. You can, if you are really serious, copy it to a couple of people in the organization so that they know they are not the only ones getting the letter. Thanks for injecting some common sense here, Karl. Three mechanisms have been proposed. The problem is when the focus is just on getting your cholesterol as low as you can and forgetting everything else. And now for the coup de grace: 2 1/2 years ago at the age of 45, I came quite close to dropping dead from a very severe aortic dissection (2/3 of my aorta has been replaced in emergency surgeries, and the 1/3 that’s remaining is still quite damaged with a large aneurism). No proof obviously, but I have long been suspicious that it may have contributed. How is that supposed to “help,” exactly? “The real tragedy here is that people’s lives are being placed in jeopardy by impostors whose claims have been proven bogus ... about 33% of coronary heart disease cases can be attributed to high cholesterol 7. Didn’t look fun. And, strings were pulled for him to see me as a top Cardiologist in my area. A study published in the journal Drug Safety in 2007 looked at 650 cases of adults who had muscle pain, cognitive impairment or other recognized symptoms of statin toxicity. That is my diagnosis of what happened with a neurologist agreeing with me. My point is that there isn`t yet any solid evidence in favour of the notion that heart disease can`t (usually) occur in the absence of (considerable) inflammation – after all, if there exists one genetic quirk/mechanism that makes this possible, who`s to say there aren`t myriad others? However, although his doctor assured him that it was NOT the statins it reversed as right after he stopped taking them. Thank you Mark and equal thanks to the commenters here for advice this layman can understand. Take a statin. it’s really sad how many people would rather take a drug, then change their lifestyle! Make sure to find a doctor from among the latter. Still holding out, though. I knew a guy who started having teeth problems (breaking) not long after taking statins. Statins, often referred to as ... make ever more preposterous claims against this class of medication. An analysis of statin studies published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2011 found that people treated with higher doses of statins were more likely to develop diabetes than those treated with moderate doses. He’s better now, but, but… You know, this will always be an issue and probably what will get him. I too would like to not worry about cholesterol in the least, but from my impression of the literature, the whole “cholesterol is the fireman and not the fire” thing amounts to little more than a convenient hypothesis at this point – it allows one to elegantly explain away the sky-high cholesterol levels (apparently) without ancestral precedent a substantial percentage of people seems to develop on LCHF diets, but isn`t actually backed up by solid evidence (yet). Vitamin B complex therapy can also be helpful. Karl, it seems to me you are simply looking for an argument. After doing some research I started taking it and have had good results. I don’t know the study, But you may want to point out that women live longer when their cholesterol is over 200 so 210 with low tri’s and High HDL’s should look fantastic to any doctor who knows their shit. Prescribed primarily to lower LDL ("bad") cholesterol, they include atorvastatin (Lipitor), the bestselling prescription drug in history; pravastatin (Pravachol); rosuvastatin (Crestor); and simvastatin (Zocor).

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