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matcha daifuku recipe


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you so much for trying this recipe! But keep note that the mochi sticky rice is super sticky when it is out of the boiling pan. Thank you for your kind feedback. Anyways, thank you and I’ll try to make it again next time! I definitely plan on trying it myself , Nami-san, making mochi from scratch is not anything I have ever attempted before however with your great step by steps, why not? It didn’t turn into that kinda clear color but yeah the color changed compared when it was raw. Hi Tom! It should be even texture…. Quick homemade mochi? Hi Asl! What did I do wrong? Nami your daifukus remind me of the Austrian sweet knoedel (dumplings) which they serve as sweets with fruit sauces or just plain. Do you have any tips for that? In Japan, mochi’s texture is described as “mochi” because no other food is similar to mochi texture. Then transfer the cooked mochi on top. I am making these right now! Hi, I was wondering if I could use regular flour instead of potato starch when flattening out the mochi. Today,  you can buy Daifuku Mochi everywhere in Japan, from Japanese sweet shops to convenience stores. It I don’t know if I cooked it too long. Usually you can purchase it in Japanese grocery stores, Japanese tea store, and Daiso (Japanese $ store)… I couldn’t find it on Amazon. Thank you so much for trying this recipe! Hi Mastura! (Just curious, are you using US or imperial measurements as they are slightly different. One part that I’m not sure is if you have tried daifuku mochi before. Hi Radhika! I was actually surprised that Erawan Thai Glutinous Rice Flour actually uses short grain rice (instead of long grain). Heated for 15 minutes via steaming. I loved these every time I ate them. Such an unusual dessert! This was interesting to read! I’ve filled them with canned strawbeeries and coconut cream, sweet red bean paste and also cashew nut butter. I’m with you – I also prefer the coarser texture red bean. Thanks so much! Hi Nami! Well, mochi is definitely sticky! You can even add a little food coloring to the water to make the dough a pretty pastel color. . The texture of the wrapper is very gummy. Ah I never thought of that idea and I’ll have to make one someday! Thank you for the easy to follow recipe , Hi Sach, Thank you very much for trying this recipe. I’m probably going to try again next week! Probably worth giving it a try. I love your instructions and how easy you make it. These are one of my favorite type of Japanese snacks. Kinako “Mochi” is a mochi(Fresh/Kiri Mochi) with Kinako and it’s also good too.. I’ve never seen daifuku being made before and I’m glad you have a quick and easy method for making it. But I recommend keeping it in the fridge. , Thanks for the recipe! , Amazing recipe! While strawberry daifuku is seasonal and available during the springtime, daifuku is available all year around at Japanese confectionery stores and supermarkets. You always make everything look so “doable” even for peolple like me with not much experience in Asian cooking and dessert making – you keep my hope up that I too will manage some of these lovely recipes of yours – I am totally intrigued by your daifuku for today! Hi Jamie! Use the paintbrush to constantly coat with the katakuriko. Mochi is made of short-grain japonica glutinous rice (mochigome). I was thinking “flat triangle ball filling”… I read the description wrong…. If you find some sticky part, cover the area with potato starch first then dust off. It is tasty, and also fun to make! I’d definitely want to make mochi the quick way, at least at first. It sounds solidified (as you couldn’t roll out) so that shows lack of moisture and overcook the rice. Nope, we don’t need to cook the potato starch at all. This daifuku is probably simply called Japanese mochi when it’s in store, but we have a specific name for each type. Thank you so much for your kind words! Beautiful dessert Nami…I dont believe I’ve had these before. Will look for the shiratamako this weekend to try out this yummy dessert . Hope this helps! Store in a cool dry place (refrigerator in summer months) and enjoy within two days. Hi Laura! Regarding adzuki beans… I hope you can find ones from Japan (Usually Hokkaido). 2) I have mochi ice cream recipe similar to this recipe here: I’m thinking to make some green tea mochi and red bean paste filling for my daughters’ birthday party. This recipe shows how you can make this delicious snack at home with quick steam over the stovetop or in the microwave. Can’t really tell the difference UNLESS you are used to eating the real deal or if they are put side by side. The matcha daifuku that I saw in an online store looked really good, so I tried making some myself. It is crucial to use Mochiko, sweet rice flour, in this recipe to make the chewy texture of Mochi we’re looking for. ), so we can also make mochi with shiratamako or mochiko (glutinous rice/sweet rice flour). When you're wrapping the filling with the mochi, don't be stingy … I don’t use it enough to give you a review, but mochi sticks to it, if I didn’t put potato starch a little bit. I bought some adzuki beans the other day with the intention of making a red bean paste. Hi Wendy! How long do you think you can safely keep them in the refrigerator? Red bean filling has usually two types: koshian (fine texture) and tsubuan (coarse texture). But if you mean “ahead of time” is like 30 minutes or less, I think it’s still possible. I recommend stuffing the filling while mochi is soft and pliable. Unfortunately you cannot use regular flour. I’ve never seen it again so think I’ll make it instead using your recipe. Hi Kat! When you're wrapping the filling with the mochi, don't be stingy with the katakuriko. The only thing I had an issue with was re-rolling out the dough after already cutting shapes into it. Recipe by Namiko Chen of Just One Cookbook. It looks like so much work but I know that it is worth it – these daifuku/mochi look incredibly elegant and so delicious. It’s very thin layer of raw potato starch, so we consider it is edible. (Was this correct english, apart from 大福? Hi, if I freeze and then defrost mochi, will the taste be a lot different? Thanks for your update. I may not be able to respond right away, but always respond. If you are interested in learning about wagashi, check out Wagashi Guide: History of Japanese Confectioneries. That sounds really delicious!! I actually did double the recipe but I think I also triple the cooking time. , Thank you for this recipe. Hi Robert! It didn’t seem to want to stick together. You make things look so do-able! I think the glutinous rice flour may work, but I’m not sure if it’s Japanese mochi texture. I haven’t tried all the flavors yet, but the red bean and green tea mochi are my favorites so far. Anko can be bought at Japanese supermarkets if they are near by you, however, we have a great recipe for it. I yet have to try with strawberry… Thanks for the recipe Nami…awesome! Potato/corn starch is edible without being cooked but flour is not. How much green tea powder should I add to the mochi rice wrapper/dough? “Mochi” has many different types, especially when written in English. Raw potato starch is edible ? Hope you enjoy the recipe! For savory mochi, we use kirimochi. Once it’s cooled, you can cut into small cubes. Please let me know as soon as possible. I used your recipe for dough, but substituted water for mango nectar.

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