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biggest mall in the world


[49] This represented a 10% bump in revenues from the prior year. Disclaimer, Berjaya Times Square (3.44 million sq ft), Golden Resources Mall (6.0 million sq ft), New South China Mall (6.46 million sq ft). The most visited shopping mall in the world and third-largest mall in the United States is the Mall of America, located near the Twin Cities in Bloomington, Minnesota. ", International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), American Institute of Architects Retail and Entertainment Committee Knowledge Community,, Lists of largest buildings and structures, Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from June 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2009, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2011, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2013, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2012, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2014, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Regular/discount department stores, in Europe and Asia also supermarkets, hypermarkets, cinemas, major entertainment/leisure, Supermarket, hypermarket, small/discount department stores. *does not apply to Europe, a.k.a. [35] To combat this trend, developers have converted malls into other uses including attractions such as parks, movie theaters, gyms, and even fishing lakes. [32] City Creek Center Mall in Salt Lake City, which opened in March 2012, was the first to be built since the recession. In Asia, 80% of NLA should be dedicated to the theme. Your email address will not be published. SM Megamall in the Philippines, is the world's third-largest at 542,980 m2 (5,844,600 sq ft) of gross floor area. [33] In 2014, nearly 3% of all malls in the United States were considered to be "dying" (40% or higher vacancy rates) and nearly one-fifth of all malls had vacancy rates considered "troubling" (10% or higher). Some consumers prefer malls, with their parking garages, controlled environments, and private security guards, over CBDs or downtowns, which frequently have limited parking, poor maintenance, outdoor weather, and limited police coverage.[52][53]. At over 12 million square feet (equivalent in size to more than 50 soccer fields), the Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world based on total area but about the same size as the West Edmonton Mall if based on leasable space. The Cevahir mall stands uniquely in the 9th position in the top 10 list of the biggest malls in the world. It is estimated the total area covered by this shopping mall is about 420,000 square meters significantly. [22][23][24] This new generation of regional-size shopping centers began with the Gruen-designed Southdale Center, which opened in the Twin Cities suburb of Edina, Minnesota, United States in October 1956. Contains the biggest indoor amusement park in the Middle East at 345,000 m. The largest shopping mall in Malaysia. [43] Currently, the largest mall in the world is the New South China Mall in Dongguan, China with a gross floor area of 892,000 m2 (9,600,000 sq ft). Times Square in Hong Kong is a principal example.[44]. Tourists want to see what one of the world's biggest buildings looks like inside, and they are interested in seeing its entertainment and amusement facilities, accommodations, and … The fourth largest shopping mall in the world is SM City North EDSA in Quezon City, Philippines with a gross floor area of 504,900 m2 (5,435,000 sq ft) and the fifth largest shopping mall is 1 Utama in Malaysia at 465,000 m2 (5,010,000 sq ft) of gross floor area. Historically, land ownership in India, has been fragmented and as a byproduct shopping center development, which rendered the single mall developers vulnerable to dubious advice and practices, since standard benchmarks, knowledge resources, and skilled people were scarce. Out-of-town shopping developments in the UK are now focused on retail parks, which consist of groups of warehouse style shops with individual entrances from outdoors. The mall is owned by the Atterbury Property group and has a magnificent hotel overlooking the Waterfall City Park. Many malls have declined considerably (especially in the United States and Canada), and some have closed and become so-called "dead malls". The size of the largest shopping centers and malls at any given time continued to increase throughout the twentieth and into the twenty-first centuries. [7], A superregional mall is, per the International Council of Shopping Centers, in the US, a shopping mall with over 800,000 sq ft (74,000 m2) of gross leasable area, three or more anchors, mass merchant, more variety, fashion apparel, and serves as the dominant shopping venue for the region (25 miles or 40 km) in which it is located. Other early malls moved retailing away from the dense, commercial downtowns into the largely residential suburbs. This is the largest mall in the world in terms of shops and services provided with 2,500 shops in it. The largest enclosed shopping mall from 1986 to 2004 was the 350,000 m2 (3,800,000 sq ft) West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Shopping mall is a term used predominantly in North America and some other countries that follow U.S. usage (India,[3] U.A.E.,[46] etc.) Has the most cinema screens (14) in the Philippines. The Water Tower Place skyscraper, Chicago, Illinois, was built in 1975 by Urban Retail Properties. Until at least 2014 most of the stores were empty, and occupancy rates of only 10% occurred. American Dream Meadowlands in New Jersey USA is now the biggest mall in the world, bigger than Iran mall. [51] Similarly, following its rebranding from Capital Shopping Centres, intu Properties renamed many of its centres to "intu (name/location)" (such as intu Lakeside; again, malls removed from the network revert to their own brand (see for instance The Glades in Bromley). Some wholesale market complexes also function as shopping malls in that they contain retail space which operate as stores in normal malls do but also act as producer vendor outlets that can take large orders for export. Successful exceptions have added entertainment and experiential features, added big-box stores as anchors, or converted to other specialized shopping center formats such as power centers, lifestyle centers, factory outlet centers, and festival marketplaces.[6]. [48] There are a reported 222 malls in Europe. Dedicated to single product type other than F&B, groceries or fashion, e.g. [12], In the mid-20th century, with the rise of the suburb and automobile culture in the United States, a new style of shopping center was created away from downtowns. The term "mall" originally meant a pedestrian promenade with shops along it (that is, the term was used to refer to the walkway itself which was merely bordered by such shops), but in the late 1960s, it began to be used as a generic term for the large enclosed shopping centers that were becoming commonplace at the time.

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