Demonstrate Your Promise Of Quality And Commitment With New Luxe Business Cards!


The word Luxe oozes premium, high end and normally follows with the word hefty price tag.!


Our Luxe business cards are three times as thick as most standard business cards, so they not only shout out LOOK AT ME, but demonstrate your promise of quality and your commitment to the very best.

Our Luxe Business Cards are printed on here in Market Harborough on premium white smooth finish stock and start with quantities as low as 25. Why not try adding a burst of colour to the edges of your card by selecting from our 12 different exciting coloured inners.

Business cards for any company are immensely important for anyone looking to grow their business. So think of your business card as roadmap to opportunity. It could lead you to a great new job, a great business partnership, or simply help your business make money.

In order for any business card to do its desired job, it must be professional, attractive and memorable, so what better way than with a GG Designs Luxe Business Card? Get in touch with us today to find out more 


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